Move-In Checklist: What Your Tenants Need To Know

A move-in checklist helps property owners keep track of their properties’ conditions. It also helps tenants inspect the housing units for issues that need attention. The tenant will be accountable for any damage that will occur when they live there.

The move-in checklist allows the property owner and tenant to sign off on all the damages at lease commencement and finalization. Both parties must review the checklist when tenants are moving in and out to check if there’s extensive damage beyond normal wear and tear.

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Here are the checklists for property managers and tenants.

The Property Manager Checklist

After screening and selecting tenants to occupy your property, you need to prepare your checklist as a property manager. The property manager checklist will help you get ready to welcome the tenants. Here are some of the things to fulfill in the checklist.

  • Get the unit professionally cleaned
  • Provide the key for the tenant
  • Set up the rent payment method
  • Remind the tenants to return the checklist promptly

Pro Tip: Once you prepare the move-in checklist for tenants, you should send it as soon as possible and advise the tenants to complete it within 72 hours.

Checklist for the Tenant

Besides sending the move-in checklist to tenants, sending a welcome letter through email is also vital. Write the note in a friendly way to make the tenants feel welcomed. You can use this opportunity to deliver helpful information. It can inform tenants how to:

  • Set Up Utilities
  • Renter’s Insurance
  • Pick Up Apartment Key
  • Move-In
  • Report Any Maintenance Issues
  • Pay Rent
  • Give Back Checklist
  • Call For Any Questions

Once a tenant has responded to the welcome note, both parties can assess the condition of the property. Check the walls, appliances, and fixtures to confirm if there are areas that need repairs. If there’s damage on the property before a tenant moves in, the landlord must add it to the security deposit return at the end of the lease agreement.

Bran Real Estate Services Can Manage Your Property

A move-in checklist is vital in guiding the landlord and tenant in assessing a property’s condition. If you own a rental property, you can ask a property management company to help you prepare a move-in checklist, assess the house, and document the condition before tenants move in. That’s where Bran Real Estate Service comes in to help.

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