Who We Are

Our Company

In 2014, brothers Jeremy and Chris Bran branched into multifamily real estate in the urban in-fill submarkets of Houston, TX. With expertise in real estate and property remodeling, Bran Real Estates Services was born to offer tailored real estate services to multifamily properties with up to 150 units. It’s our desire to help others achieve their goals and we believe we have the solutions necessary to help multifamily property owners source, operate, and succeed with their real estate transactions better than anyone else.

Between real estate investment sales and customized property management services, our top priority is to develop a relationship with our clients that will last for years to come. Whether you’re just starting out in property management or are interested in making a change, we’re here to help you achieve your business plan with ease.

Our Services

Real Estate Investment Sales

We specialize in selling multifamily investment properties to interested clients. Allow us to help you find the right multifamily property to meet your financial goals.

Multifamily Property Management

Once you acquire your multifamily property, it’s imperative that it is maintained year-round. Let us help you take care of your rental property and protect your investment.