When is Damage a Property Manager's Responsibility?

Accidental damage may occur in a rental property and leave the tenant disturbed. If an appliance breaks or one of the rooms catches fire, you may wonder who will pay the repair costs. Is it the landlord, property manager, or you? It depends on the rules and regulations in the lease agreements between you and the landlord or property manager.

So, when is damage to a property the company’s responsibility? Tenants pay rent to use the available space and anything mentioned in a lease agreement.  The management company becomes responsible for repairs when these parts get damaged. But when is damage the property manager’s responsibility and when is it the landlord’s? 

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Who is Responsible for What?

Not every damage is a property manager’s responsibility. So, let’s look at when the management company is responsible for various types of damage to a rental property.

  • Apartment Fire: If your neighbor causes a fire that damages your property, the landlord or property manager will be held liable for the repairs.
  • Alarms and Detectors: It is our job to repair the systems, but it’s the tenant’s task to change batteries and ensure they work well.
  • Landscaping: Landscaping is our responsibility when it violates association rules and laws. But, it also depends on the lease agreement.
  • Common Areas: We must ensure that all the common areas are safe and clean. However, tenants must still follow the rules.
  • Toxin Management: Companies like Bran Real Estate Services must regularly inspect the property to ensure it’s free of toxins and environmental hazards like mold, lead, or asbestos.
  • Appliances: If a rental lease includes appliances, we must ensure they work well. But if a tenant causes damage, they’ll pay for repair fees, or we will deduct it from their security deposit.
  • Pest Control: Although it is our responsibility to handle pest control, the tenant must keep the property clean. Otherwise, the tenant will also pay some money for pest extermination.
  • Plumbing, Heating, and AC: We are responsible for repairing any system that comes with the property. However, a tenant must use them properly. Otherwise, they’ll pay for damage resulting from the wrong usage.

Texas Property Code 

The state and federal laws can impact property ownership and management in Texas. For instance, the Texas Property Code (TPC) has numerous provisions governing residential properties’ management and operation. So, you need to hire a property management company that understands and adheres to these laws.

Damage Responsibilities

Most damages to a property would be the property manager’s responsibility unless the tenant intentionally caused some of the damages. They include appliances, common areas, plumbing, and HVAC systems. If a property management company fails to repair the damages, the tenant can claim reimbursement if indicated in a lease agreement.

Property Management with Bran Real Estate Services

When is damage a property manager’s responsibility? You now understand the roles of a tenant and property management company when wear and tear occur to a property. As a real estate investor, hire a company like Bran real Estate Services to manage your property well to ensure a better landlord-tenant relationship. Bran Real Estate Services is ready to help you.

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