Multifamily Property Management

Multifamily Property Management Services in Houston

In today’s rental climate, it is important to make sure your property is properly maintained. One of the best ways for that to happen is to hire a capable property management company. Our multifamily property management services are designed to provide our clients with all-inclusive services that ensure your property is well taken care of. It is our priority to take care of the backend and client-facing responsibilities so that your property maintains the best reputation.

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Property Management

Comprehensive administration and coordination of the needs associated with your multifamily property.

Financial Reporting

Accurate, up-to-date records of your property’s financial status, investment needs, and recurring expenses.

Property Leasing

Preparation and enforcement of lease agreements, rent collections, and tenant communication services.

Tenant Screening

Management of screening process needed for prospective tenants to prevent discrimination and property loss.

Eviction Services

Handling of evicting difficult tenants in a way that is fair and reasonable for both parties in the lease agreement.

In-House 24-Hour Maintenance

Fully staffed maintenance team that is readily available for any large or small project needing attention.

Construction Management

Trusted handling of permitting, zoning, and community issues throughout the design and construction process.

Personalized Communication

Knowledgeable property management team available to ensure the best possible return from your property.

Our Property Management Team

Partnering with UrbanOne Properties

At Bran Real Estate Services, managing properties is just a small part of what we do. We’ve had the privilege of renovating and improving the value of various multifamily properties across the Houston/Montrose area. By partnering with our sister company, UrbanOne Properties, we’ve been able to cultivate relationships with property owners through every growth phase.

For more information or to find a property managed by our company, browse our current listings.


Meet the UrbanOne Property Management Team

Whether it’s fostering good tenant experiences, maintaining facilities, or ensuring responsive communication, our full-time property management team is committed to providing the best service for your property.

Kyle Webb

Property Manager

Laura Asin

Assistant Property Manager

Daniel Ely

Leasing Specialist

Armando Pena

Lead Resident Maintenance Manager

Oscar Fuentes

Lead Facilities Manager

Jorge Martinez

Maintenance & Facilities Technician

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