4 Most Common Tenant Complaints

As managers, it is our job to master how to handle the most common tenant complaints. It’s the most critical part of managing properties since most tenant complaints are inevitable. Thankfully, there are many proactive ways to resolve the issues.

What are the most common tenant complaints and how do property managers resolve them?

Resolving tenant complaints is one of the most overwhelming parts of property management. On the flip side, the ability to resolve the complaints encourages tenants to renew their leases. They feel secure and cared for, making them remain loyal. It also builds our reputation as a property management company, which improves your standing with the tenants.

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  1. Noise Disturbance
  2. Maintenance Issue
  3. Pest Control 
  4. No Communication

1) Noise Disturbance

If one of your tenants complains about the noise from other tenants on the same property, it’s our job to find the source of the noise disturbance and resolve it. We will discuss ways to stop the noise and maintain a peaceful environment with the tenants. If the noise comes from neighboring tenants, we will directly talk to them.

2) Maintenance Issue

A tenant can call at any time to report a maintenance issue to fix the problem. It helps to ask the tenants to send a written request for records to handle maintenance issues. Once we get the repair request, we act on it very fast. This will reduce complaints about broken fixtures, and improve your property’s reputation.

3) Pest Control

When bugs enter the tenants’ homes, we must handle the issue seriously. A home infested with rodents or bugs is unlivable and needs to be handled decisively. So, we call an exterminator promptly to destroy the pests. 

4) No Communication

Managing rental properties requires consistent communication between a property manager and tenant. As property managers, we are reachable to allow tenants to report issues. Professionalism is also an essential part of that communication. It is our goal to make your tenants feel how important they are.

Maintain a Good Relationship With Your Tenants With Our Help

Tenants can complain about noise disturbance, pest infestation, or poor communication. However, we are not afraid to tackle these issues. If you have trouble managing your properties, let Bran Real Estate Services help you.

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