Introducing the 415 Fairview Ave Property

At Bran, we are working on new properties in the Houston area all the time, and we are so excited about our newest property. This one is located on 415 Fairview Avenue. Let’s look at this property in more detail: 

The exterior construction is still in progress, but it will be complete soon. We are updating the front gate for a more modern yet classy look. There are 9 units total on this property, and we have newly renovated 4 of them. Only one of them is available to rent, so reach out quickly if you are interested! 

Introducing our newly renovated property: 415 Fairview Ave. Learn more about what we have done with this property in the following blog post! Click To Tweet

Exterior Construction in Progress

The exterior construction on this property will help transform its look into a much more attractive street view. Instead of the black iron gate that is currently there, we are replacing it with a combination wood fence that is level across.

 This will give it more of a modern look instead of the dated look it had before. We are also updating the parking lot and a secure access gate for our tenants. 

9 Units, 4 Renovated, 1 Available

 This property has 9 units in total and 4 that we have fully renovated. Each unit has in-house washer and dryer hookups along with many other amenities. Currently, there is only one rental unit available on this property, so if you are curious please reach out as soon as possible. 

Investment, Renovation, and Management

This Fairview Property is an excellent example of our full process. We start by helping you invest in the property of your dreams, our team renovates the property to prepare it for your tenants. Finally, we manage your property for you with our property management services. That way you know your property is in the right hands from start to finish. 

Bran is Here For You

Bran Real Estate Services is here to handle all of your multifamily property needs. From investment to management, we are here to help you achieve your goals. Like what you see? 

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