Landlord vs Property Manager: What is the Difference?

What are the differences between a landlord and a property manager? Unfortunately, many people confuse a landlord with a property manager. Whether you are a tenant looking for a rental property or an investor, we can help you know the responsibilities of a landlord vs a property manager. 

The primary difference between landlords and property managers is property ownership. A landlord is the property owner and may or may not manage it. But, a property manager oversees the management of a property but doesn’t own it. They get paid by the property owner to manage it.

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The Similarities Between Landlords and Property Managers

Landlords and property managers both manage investment properties, despite the ownership differences. Another similarity is that property managers and landlords work with tenants but at different involvement levels. Besides, they both earn income from the rent collected. 

Biggest Differences Between The Two

The biggest difference between a landlord and a property manager is the job description. Property managers are hired to do the day-to-day tasks of the property. They are generally hired when a landlord does not have the time to devote to their property. A property manager is affiliated with a property management firm that deals with landlords in an advisory capacity.

Landlords hire property managers to work with tenants on their behalf. They keep the landlords informed about maintenance and repairs, rent collection, tenant screening, and handling tenant issues related to the rental unit.

Advantages of a Property Manager

Hiring a property manager has pros and cons, but advantages surpass disadvantages. By overseeing repairs, screening new tenants, and collecting rents monthly, property managers can help landlords save time on the tasks. The property owner gets more time to focus on other important tasks or investments.

Property Management With Bran Real Estate Services

So far, you already understand the roles and benefits of hiring a property manager. All you need to do now is hire a reliable property management company that understands all the landlord-tenant laws. The good news is that Bran Real Estate Services is home to professional property managers to help you manage your rental properties.

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