4 Property Management Red Flags

As a property owner working with a hired property manager, you need to be aware of the property management red flags. When hiring a property manager, you want a company that can handle all the daily tasks involved in leasing your property. A good property management company should help you make the most of your investment.

What are the top property management flags?

The best property management company offers exceptional customer service and safeguards your investment. They ensure timely rental collection, screen tenants, and promote properties through extensive advertising and marketing. They also respond promptly to maintenance requests. But, not all property managers can fulfill the tasks. You’ll discover them when you notice the following signs.

The following property management red flags are warning signs that your property manager is not doing their job well. Discover more! Click To Tweet
  1. Lots of Tenant Complaints
  2. High Vacancy
  3. The Property Management is “Too Busy” For Your Calls
  4. No Understanding of Your Clientelle

1) Lots of Tenant Complaints

A tenant can call at any time for emergency repairs or maintenance services. They expect your property manager to address their concerns promptly. However, if the property manager can’t offer timely repairs, tenants will raise lots of complaints. Unfortunately, that will strain the landlord-tenant relationship.

2) High Vacancy

A good property manager is competent, knowledgeable, and understands how to market your property. Such a company can help you fill vacant units quickly. If the vacancy rate is too high, it could be a red flag that the property managers are not doing their job well. Perhaps they don’t maintain the vacant rental units well, or they are charging too much for new units.

3) The Property Management is “Too Busy” For Your Calls

Your primary goal for hiring a property management company is to reduce the stress of handling many tasks. If the company seems too busy to answer your questions or meet with you, there is something wrong. 

4) No Understanding of Your Clientele

The real estate market is vast, and a property manager must understand your target clientele. Hire a property management company that has dealt with the types of rentals you own. No property management company does all styles of residential properties. A property manager who doesn’t understand your clientele is not your best fit.

Let Bran Real Estate Services Help

Consider looking for other management when you notice these property management red flags. A good property management company, such as Bran Real Estate Services, will safeguard your investment. We also prioritize your tenants’ needs to ensure comfort.

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