4 Property Management License Types

One of the factors to consider when hiring a property management company is whether the company is licensed or not. That’s why every property owner must know all property management license types. Besides, property managers must get a license to operate.

What types of property management licenses are there?

To ensure that a property management company is credible, you must check its licensure. Property managers use a real estate broker’s or property management license to conduct real estate transactions. However, state requirements for each license vary.

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Here are the different property management license types you should know.

  1. Broker’s License
  2. Property Management License
  3. Leasing Agent License
  4. Real Estate Sales Person License

1) Broker’s License

Real estate broker licenses are the most commonly required accreditation for property management. This is because many aspects of property management are considered part of real estate activities. For that reason, most real estate licensing laws encourage people who offer real estate services to hold a real estate broker’s license.

2) Property Management License

There’s no doubt that most property managers have a real estate broker’s license. But, some states require companies that lease and manage rental properties to have a property management license. To get this license, one must complete specific coursework and pass a property manager’s exam. Also, you must be at least 18 years.

3) Leasing Agent License

Property managers must hold a leasing agent license for residential leasing activities in some states. Also, leasing agents must get employed and sponsored by licensed brokers. To obtain this license, you must complete specific coursework related to leasing residential properties. Besides, you must pass the leasing agent exam.

4) Real Estate Sales Person License

In some states, only individuals with a real estate salesperson license can work as a salesperson in the real estate industry. To qualify for this license, an individual must complete specific coursework in the real estate sector. They must also demonstrate a trustworthy character by showing no cases of criminal felony charges.

We Recommend Looking For a Broker’s License

A real estate broker’s license is essential in property management as it encompasses several aspects. As a property owner, consider hiring property management companies with a broker’s license to help you manage your property. 

Bran Real Estate Services 

So far, you understand the purpose of different property management license types. But before you hire a property manager to help you with collecting rent, you should do a background check to ensure the candidates have the right real estate licensing. Thankfully, Bran Real Estate Services is a licensed property management company.

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